Who's that Ninja is a 9 day Treasure event that started on August 19, 2012.

Whos that ninja event banner


Sika Clan

  • 1st suit at 50 points
  • 2nd suit at 1200 points
  • 3rd suit earned for the top 1,000 players.

Silka event descript

Equipment (Weapon: Rack and Ruin, Armor: Sika Helm, Tool: Sika Bells)

Sika clan looks almost identical to the Rudolph Clan. Sika is a japanese deer.

Treasure Sets

Flat Fans: 5 treasures

Lanterns: 5 treasures

Hair Combs: 5 treasures

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Tips and Tricks

  • The last couple treasures in a series are usually the hardest to get. Hold off on using those battles to get a treasure until you are close to leveling, or can complete the series by battleling (preferably) then your moves will be more likely to get you treasure again at the start of a new series.
  • While on missions searching for event treasure, try going to a diferent mission after you find a black chest. For example if your in 14-1, spam till you find an event treasure, then go to 14-2, spam for treasure and switch to 14-3 or back to 14-1. This method seems to accumulate far more event treasure rather than just staying in the same mission.
  • When waiting for battle turns to recharge, do not fight when you have a low time left. Battle restarts the clock at 60 minutes even if you only had 1 minute left.
  • Choosing higher level opponents to fight gets you more exp.
  • If you want to avoid traps, just wait until you believe someone else attacked your target, then keep trying to fight. Once the other guy finishes his fight (also triggering the trap, in the process), you will be able to attack and get an easy treasure (or, at least, a trap-free one).
  • Usually there is that one treasure you find a lot and that other one you find a little bit. Get as many of those as you can, then save up till 3 battle turns and just use them so that you can now have all 5 treasures.
  • Look at your oppenet's level first, if it's too high for you don't fight them. If you feel they are in your level zone, look at their gear. If their gear looks better than yours don't fight them. This lets you pick out enemies easier.