Hello~ Just started playing Ninja Royale a few days ago and I'm already completely addicted to it. I also have a knack for hoarding information, so I figure this wiki is the place for me.

My Avatar and Icon were drawn by me- feel free to use them wherever you like just toss some cred to Vaelius if you do. Thanks. :] [Vaelius LvL48 Yellow Jacker 5977/5588/40 Item ID: LLT4]

I'm not sure if anyone has figured out that you can sell items from the General Store for Dragon Ore or not... with this new event and the item that gives 150k Zeny, you can easily max out your gear this way. ^^ Just some newb know how- sucks you can only buy one of each thing at a time until you sell it though. It's rather time consuming, so I always do it when I run out of energy as a way to kill some more time.

Added ~

White Lightning - Updated Attack Power

Swarm Spike** - Updated Attack Power

Phoenix Coat - Max Defense

Twinned Ring - Updated Max Stats

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