The Addictive/Crashing Game

So I've been playing the game for a little now Crackdown Event 4 4/12 and I've sent a couple things into support explaning when and how I'm crashing I figure I put a place here for people to talk about when it crashes and what devices they are using just so people can know. Also, if you need to or want to contact Ninja Royals Support email them at or Clck here to be directed to their support page.

My information:

  • Iphone 3GS
  • Wireless Connection

I got major Crashing problems for the Drop 'Em Event 3. Sometimes when I touched the "darkness" it would just turn off. I know I lost a lot of points on that one and ended up ranking 20392..

Next event Arena Event 3 I only crashed when i fought the major bosses and only once in a great while.. Ranked 1376.

Now the only time I seem to crash is when I sell stuff. Whats up with that? Also, i've attacked people won and never got stuff. Thats the last thing I reported. Hoping I dont have to report much when the new "event" comes out.

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