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The Tiburon clan is one of three beginning clans one can join. This clan is represented as Water lineage. As with all of the beginning clans, the Tiburon clan seems to be a choice for mere aesthetics.

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Clan Description

Water lineage. A true fighter, most at home in the water or beating the tar out of a worthy foe.

Clan Suits & Titles

The Tiburon clan, like all clan has 3 different suits to be worn. The first suit, as with all clans, is the only suit available when one first joins the clan, with the other 2 being unlocked as the player gains "Mastery" within the clan. Mastery is earned by wearing the clan's suit while on missions.

Novice Suit

There is no required Mastery level for this suit, just being a member of the clan unlocks it. The novice suit for the Tiburon clan has a blue base with white accents.

Tiburon Novice

Hot Shot Suit

The hot shot suit is unlocked when a player earns the Hot Shot title, at 20 Mastery with the clan. The hot shot suit for the Tiburon clan has a purple base with white accents.

Tiburon Hot Shot

Grandmaster Suit

The master suit is unlocked when a player earns the Grandmaster title, at 50 Mastery with the clan. The master suit for the Tiburon clan has a black base with gold accents.

Tiburon Grandmaster

Guru Title

The Guru title, unlike the other titles, has no new suit unlocked when earned. The Guru title is earned when one reaches the maximum Mastery level of 99.

Clan Gear

(Like all beginning clans, there is no clan gear available for the Tiburon clan.) Correction a friend recieved the tool for this clan through the double dragon offering. + There was a Primal clan offering available at Hime's hoard. Primal clan gear is more powerfull than regural gear and it has some luck. Max grade is 200 and max fusion is 10 for 4-rare gear, but I don't know about the 5-rare gear. 

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