Legal tender to tender gifts, these leavings of the sea have many uses on shore.


Pieces of Treasure


  • A find from an ancient site. A relic of great archaeological value, the shells are at risk of being plundered by publish-happy academics.

Ingot Clam

  • Remarkably similar to man's favorite obsession, this shell bears nature's own hallmarks.

Madonna Whelk

  • With sensual form and delicate tints, this whelk has long been used as a love charm. Old wives' tale? Pucker up!

Poseidon's Tear

  • Removing the pearl from the shell robs it of its unusual glow. A perfectly centered specimen is traded for a kingly sum at exclusive jewellers.


  • The charming shell, with an arrangement of banded agate fish, was once the must-have accessory of the season in a faraway land.

Fathotms Five

  • The deep is the natural habitat of this spiral shell. The exceptional pressure creates rare gems out of sea-dust caught in the crenelles.


  • A mythical shell said to bring lifelong happiness. Many have wasted their lives searching for the sea cave where the shell is supposedly kept.

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