Separate, each inspires desire. Together, the graven images grant wishes.


Pieces of Treasure

Divine Dancer

  • The goddess of this bust was the spirit of dance itself. From traditional buyo to polkam Bon to hip-hop, she did it all.

Celestial Concord

  • The right hand intervenes, the left hand soothes. War is the ultimat diharmony, and Goddess Concordia weeps at the pain.

Blessed Bounty

  • Carved by fishermen and tended by their wives, this bust recieved both their prayers: for rich hauls and safe returns.

Hallowed Heights

  • A bust of the lady of the mountains, consecrated in the forest fire that plagued the area. Not a leaf has burned since.

Dame of the Dragons

  • Depicts a queen who charmed dragons and won a kingdom. All that remains is her flute, and the legend.

Sublime Seduction

  • A masterful portrait of the anima. Men and women have found themselves hopelessly beguiled by this bust.

Angel of the Arts

  • A stone bust of a lifelong geisha, a woman of legendary skills. Her art moved hearts and changed lives.

Collection Reward

Scorpion Bow

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