Miniature houses of worship, sanctified by time and historic influence.


Pieces of Treasure

Spiral Priory

  • Accessible only through a long and treacherous road, countless initiates perished ere their pilgrimmage was done.

Abbey of the Stacks

  • The jewel of medieval military-theological complex, with a factory capable of turning out infernal weaponry.

Temple of Time

  • Once called the "center of known world", due to the mechanical clock of remarkable size and accuracy.

The Rose Mosque

  • A khanqah built for a sultan's window, who chose a life of mystical contemplation. Its beauty, like her faith, endures to this day.

Tradewinds Cloister

  • A sanctuary used for the gathering of sultans and kings from the East and the West, deemed inviolate through the ages.

Stone Sanctuary

  • Not so much built as excavated, this fortress in guise of a temple was chiseled out of a massive outcropping of rock.

House of Prism

  • A relic of sect's less puritan past, this place of worship was threatened with demolition by its disapproving congregation.

Collection Reward

Assassin's Cloak

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