Masks of many passions, some with the power to change your very persona.


Pieces of Treasure

Outlander's Mask

  • Modeled on the face of a visitor from other lands. Wearing it grants the power to understand the foreign tounge.

Commander's Mask

  • This mask is rumored to have been worn by a warrior from feudal times. Its unique expression is said to instill fear in the heart of one's foes.

Mask of Fury

  • Imbued with rage, this mask magically enhances the wearer's power several times over.

Carouser's Mask

  • Modeled on the face of a prodigious drinker. Seems to create a real problem when used with the Carouser's Canteen.

Lover's Mask

  • Once worn by a girl to declare her passion. The mask grants a shot of daring to the wearer--for what is love without courange?

Reap Mask

  • A mask worn by peasants at their reap festival. Every village has its own mask, and this one is modeled on a chief.

Poet's Noh Mask

  • This noh mask recreates the face of a famed pet. Its exceptional artistry has taken it off the stage, and into the vaults.

Collection Reward

Vampire Kunai

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