Khorasan clan was rewarded by defeating the stage 1 boss in the Wrath of Asura event.

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Clan Description

Earth Lineage

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Clan Suits & Titles

The Khorasan clan has 3 different suits to be worn. The first suit is the only suit available when you first join the clan, with the other 2 being unlocked as the player gains "Mastery" within the clan. Mastery is earned by upgrading clan jutsu through the use of Jewels.

Common Suit

This suit was earned by taking down the Stage 1 boss of the Wrath of Asura event.

Khorasan Common

Rare Suit

This suit was earned by staking down the Stage 2 boss of the Wrath of Asura event.

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Epic Suit

This suit is earned by being in the top 1000 in Wrath of Asura

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Clan Gear

As with all event clans, there were 3 pieces of clan gear attainable during the event.

Korasan Clan

Weapon - Scratching Pole

Armor - Khorasan Helm

Tool - Turn Tail

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