The third treasure set in the Who's That Ninja event.

The wearer holds her head up high; the beholder feels weak at the knees.

Pieces of Treasure

Butterfly Haircomb

  • A haircomb crafted by a top artisan using the finest materials. The golden blossom and black butterfly emit a brilliant radiance.

Kyoto Haircomb

  • A haircomb given by the house of the shogun to the most admired beauty of Kyoto. A lady wearing this is sure to attract the attention of those around her.

Crimson Haircomb

  • A haircomb with a gorgeous rose and a bee who has been drawn to the flower. It has a faint scent of roses.

Spider Haircomb

  • A haircomb decorated with a morning spider, a symbol of good fortune. People say that wearing it will immediately bring good luck.

Moonlight Haircomb

  • A haircomb artisan who got engaged in the moonlight supposedly made this item to keep the memory of the occasion alive.

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