These exquisitely painted folding fans could rightfully be considered art.


Found in the Healing Hot Springs

Pieces of Treasure

Fujin's Fan

  • Long prized by seafarers, one languid wave of this charmed fan unleashes a sudden gust of wind.

Last Stand Fan

  • The silent witness to countless epic encounter, this fan was last seen in the hand of a shogun at a decisive battle.

Tactician's Fan

  • The elegance of this fan belies its practical nature: it opens in the middle to reveal a place for jotting down notes.

Dancer's Fan

  • Carved from fragant wood and a favorite of dancers, this fan scents the air with an intoxicating perfume.

Fan of Mirth

  • Possibly the most powerful of magical fans, this gaudy item somehow brings a smile to every face.

Fan of Eminence

  • Extremely expensive and incredibly impractical, this fan is crafted from a rare metal and adorned with a large cut-out.

Kappa Fan

  • An offbeat fan painted with a kappa and hung with clingy tassels. Provence unknown, and strangely damp to the touch.

Collection Reward

Crux Vambrace

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