Uber Bowl

The Battle of Lineages! Which Ninja Will Reign Supreme?

The player earns reps through battles with other players as the Uber Bowl, an event only mission. With each victory comes the right to battle stronger ninjas wiht bigger reputations. By making good use of aid items and clan gear lineage, the player can build a more formidable reputation

As your reputation grows, you should find it easier to accrue points for the event leaderboard. There are special trophy items based on leaderboard standing, which will be awarded following the completion of the event.

Any ninja who has cleared the Mt. Zen>Base Camp>2 qualifies for this event.

Find the answer and feel the pain... In the arena!

Class Battle Victory Class Clearance Undefeated Bonus


5 pts 25 pts + Canine Kunai 50 pts
2 10 pts 50 pts + 10,000 Zeny 100 pts
3 20 pts 100 pts + Peeper Clan 200 pts
4 40 pts 200 pts + 20,000 Zeny 400 pts
5 70 pts 350 pts + Angora Clan OR 20,000 Zeny 700 pts
6 100 pts 500 pts + Chicky Tchotchke 1000 pts
7 150 pts 750 pts + 50,000 Zeny 1500 pts
8 200 pts 1000 pts + 50,000 Zeny 2000 pts
9 250 pts 1250 pts + Northern Comfort 2500 pts
10 300 pts 1500 pts + 100,000 Zeny 3000 pts

Earnable Clans:




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