Beauty and destruction. Guns we can't carry, with triggers we can't pull.


Pieces of Treasure


  • The original big gun, whose name literally rang out in ranged attacks. With its exponentially greater power, the Old 68 was a stuff of legends.

Wheeled Cannon

  • The brainchild of an engineer-emperor, who foresaw the advent of mobility as the new key to hegemony. Its design has remained secret to this day.

Blue Dragon

  • Nicknamed 'Death From Above', there was no deadlier cannon than this. A single Blue Dragon could reverse a battle.

Sans Merci

  • Carved out of pink sapphire, this working gun has only been fired once, as a part of an elaborate art installation.

Royal Redoubt

  • The elegance of this castle battery serves a double purpose: To camouflage its fearsome power, and satisfy the aesthete king.

Golden Wyrm

  • The gunsmith's record of the test fire: "A thunderclap rent the air, and along the path of the shot, men were hurled to the ground for 20 cubits."

VAulting Howitzer

  • Each section can be removed to change the trajectory. The vaulting horse may have its origins in this, even more deadly, object.

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