The Armor clan is a clan that was available during the Howlback event, 
Armor Clan
requiring to clear the following goals:

Common suit earned by clearing floor 5 of first tower

Rare suit earned by clearing floor 10 of first tower

Epic suit earned by clearing floor 15 of first tower

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Clan Description

Armor Clan Info

Basic Suit

This clan resembles an armadillo and is of Earth Lineage. It has a higher defense then offense by 3%. It is also Tankroll.

Clan Suits and Titles

The Clan has 3 different suits to be worn. Mastery is earned by upgrading clan jutsu through the use of Jewels

Common Suit

Rare Suit

Epic Suit 

Clan Gear


Armor Clan Info - Edited

Dillo Dally


Armor Clan Info - Edited (1)

Armor Helm


Armor Clan Info - Edited (2)

Southern Star

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