The first treasure set in the Uncharted Territory event.

Ancient Compass

Masks of many passions, some with the power to change your very persona. Let history be the guide in your quest, and keep you on the high road.

Pieces of Treasure

Foe Finder

  • Said to have been in the possession of a lopsided victor of major battles. The needle strains towards the enemy be smote.

Compass of Courage

  • Once owned by a renowned explorer, this instrument has the power to bring courage to a mind clouded with fear.

The Magi's Compass

  • A compass of many uses, a repository of arcane scientific technology. Modern knowledge has yet to penetrate its secrets.

Soverign's Needle

  • The compass of a pirate queen, it only works when in a beguilling pose. Beauty is truth, indeed.

Divine Right

  • All those who possessed this most solemn instrument rose to rule the known world. Oh, the pressure.

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